Research funding success for targeted alpha therapeutics

Profs Thurecht and Reutens

The University of Queensland’s Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) has received $1.2 million from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) to establish an Australian first facility to develop radiometals for cancer therapy.

This new facility, The ACRF Facility for Targeted Radiometals in Cancer (AFTRiC), will be Australia’s first facility for the discovery, development and clinical translation of novel alpha particle-based cancer therapeutics, and radiometal theranostic and diagnostic imaging agents.

Professor David Reutens, Director of CAI and CIBIT, said “ACRF funding provides critical equipment to complete the research pathway from synthesis of novel agents through to clinical studies and patient therapy, enabling researchers to unlock the cancer-curing potential of targeted alpha therapy. The new facility will complement the nation’s most comprehensive suite of preclinical and clinical imaging research instruments at the Centre for Advanced Imaging allowing us to fast-track the development of new cancer therapies.”

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