Our People

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CIBIT Centre Director


David Reutens

The University of Queensland                     

Professor David Reutens is director of the Centre for Advanced Imaging. He is also a clinical neurologist specialising in epilepsy and is a senior staff specialist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. He directs the Australian Mouse Brain Mapping Consortium. 


CIBIT Theme Leaders

Kris Thurecht

The University of Queensland                     

Associate Professor Kris Thurecht is a group leader at The Centre for Advanced Imaging. His research focusses on the development of polymer and nanoparticle-based devices for nanomedicine. Kris is the theme leader for Theme 1 - Diagnostics, therapeutics and theranostics for Precision Medicine in cancer.

Markus Barth

The University of Queensland                     

Associate Professor Markus Barth is a group leader at The Centre for Advanced Imaging. His main interests are in the fields of MR method development for applications in neuroimaging with a focus on functional MRI and neurological diseases such as dementia and cancer, as well as cardiac MR. Markus is the theme leader for Theme 2 - Harnessing the digital revolution to improve diagnostic imaging cost-effectively.


CIBIT Centre Manager 


Lorine Wilkinson

The University of Queensland                     

After a career  in Biomedical Research, Lorine moved into University administration. Lorine has resumed the role of CIBIT Centre Manager after a period of secondment and is responsible for leading and managing the CIBIT operations as well as building and maintaining effective and productive interaction with CIBIT’s industry and other external partners.


CIBIT Chief Investigators

Rajiv Bhalla

The University of Queensland

Associate Professor Rajiv Bhalla is a group leader at The Centre for Advanced Imaging. His research focusses on the development of novel PET diagnostic agents.

Idriss Blakey

The University of Queensland

Associate Professor Idriss Blakey is a researcher at The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology


Ian Frazer

The University of Queensland

Professor Ian Frazer leads a research group working at the Translational Research Institute on the immunobiology of epithelial cancers. He is recognised as co-inventor of the technology enabling the HPV vaccines, currently used worldwide to help prevent cervical cancer.

Andrew Janke

The University of Queensland

Dr Andrew Janke is a senior research fellow at The Centre for Advanced Imaging. His research aims to develop new multi-scale statistical correlative analysis and image registration techniques so in vivo techniques can be used to detect changes and features of tissue that previously were only possible to image using destructive ex vivo methods. 

Anna Jenkins

The University of Queensland

Dr Anna Jenkins  is a lecturer at the UQ Business School. Anna’s primary research stream focuses on how entrepreneurs manage setbacks and failure. 

Geoffrey McLachlan

The University of Queensland

Prof Geoffrey McLachlan is Professor of Statistics in the UQ School of Mathematics and Physics. His research interests include the fields of classification, cluster and discriminant analyses, image analysis, machine learning, neural networks, and pattern recognition, and in the field of statistical inference.

Viktor Vegh

The University of Queensland 

Dr Viktor Vegh is a senior research fellow at The Centre for Advanced Imaging. His research focusses on the the research and development of magnetic resonance imaging methods to help with the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases and disorders.

Martie-Louise Verreynne

The University of Queensland

Professor Martie-Louise Verreynne is group leader and Deputy Head of School at the UQ Business School. Her research in small firm innovation and resilience focusses on how these firms leverage capabilities and networks to gain a competitive edge.


CIBIT Partner Investigators

Michael Agrez

Inter-K Pty Ltd                     

Dr Michael Agrez is CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at InterK Peptide Therapeutics, a preclinical virtual biotechnology company developing peptide-based immunotherapeutic candidates to treat a range of diseases and conditions such as cancer and chronic infections that require immune boosting. 

Nicholas Bryant

Red Radiology

Dr Nicholas Bryant is Sole owner, Director and Chief Radiologist at Red Radiology. His aim is to improve workflow, throughput and patient comfort and safety, helping to transform the radiology industry and, most importantly, helping patients.

David Edwards


David Edwards is Molecular Imaging Collaborations Manager & Clinical Applications Specialist at Siemens Healthineers Australia with expertise in nuclear medicine and PET/CT.

Lynn Fink

Beijing Genomics Institute

Dr Lynn Fink is Director of Research at Beijing Genomics International Australia. Dr Fink has a background in cancer genomics and expertise in next-generation sequencing analysis, gene expression and bioinformatic method development and application.

Matthew Harris

Clarity Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd   

Dr Matthew Harris is Managing Director of Clarity Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd. He manages research and development with the goal of bringing new clinically-relevant radiopharmaceuticals to market.

Nat Lenzo

GenesisCare, The University of Western Australia

Nat Lenzo is Clinical Director (Theranostics) at GenesisCare. Nat established Theranostics Australia in May 2015 with the aim of providing patients with contemporary cancer treatment options through development of targeted molecular diagnostic imaging and radiotherapeutic agents for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, focusing particularly on cancers which are difficult to treat or are becoming resistant to conventional therapies. In July 2018 Theranostics Australia became a fully owned business division of GenesisCare, a global leading healthcare organisation specialising in oncology and cardiology.

Kieran O'Brien


Dr Kieran O'Brien is a Senior Scientist at Siemens Healthcare Pty Ltd and Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Imaging. His research interests are focused on translating research ideas into commercial products.

Benjamin Schmitt

Siemens Healthcare Pty Ltd

Dr Ben Schmitt is the Head of Collaborations & Research for Siemens Healthineers in Australia and New Zealand. His areas of expertise and professional experience are in the management of academic/industry research partnerships in medical imaging and AI, and method development in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). He graduated with a PhD in Physics/Biophysics at the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) in Heidelberg in 2011. In 2012, Benjamin Schmitt was awarded the Merit Award for Scientific Contributions at the Medical University of Vienna.

Rod Straw

Australian Animal Cancer Foundation, Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

Dr Rod Straw is Director of the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre and executive director of The Australian Animal Cancer Foundation. 

Bradley Walsh

Minomic International Limited, IProteome Pty Ltd

Dr Brad Walsh is Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Minomic International Ltd, a Sydney-based biotechnology company specialising in immuno-oncology. He founded Minomic to bring to market an innovative biomarker for prostate cancer. Dr Walsh has led Minomic’s scientific and business development, raising A$26 million and bringing the company to a point at which its first major product, MiCheck®, has progressed through a series of clinical trials in preparation for release to the US market in early 2019. Dr Walsh has developed a pipeline of potential new therapeutics for prostate, bladder and pancreatic cancer and this has prompted the spin out of a new company, GlyTherix Ltd.

David Wong

The University of Queensland, Wesley Medical Imaging

Associate Professor David Wong is Director of the Nuclear Medicine and PET Centre at Wesley Medical Imaging and affiliate Associate Professor at the Centre for Advanced Imaging. He has for many years been actively involved in research in the development of PET and MR technology and tracers in particular in the area of oncology imaging.


CIBIT Postdoctoral Researchers

Chris Howard

The University of Queensland                     

Dr Chris Howard has postdoctoral experience in both academic and industrial settings in molecular biology, protein engineering, protein purification and protein analytical techniques. He is particularly interested in the development of biologics, specifically antibodies, for application in nanomedicine. This includes the development of a patented platform technology for generating targeted nanomaterials using bispecific antibodies. Chris is a chief investigator within the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Biopharmaceutical Innovation (CBI) at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), UQ and a leader on projects involving industrial partners CSL and GE. Chris is also affiliated with the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology (CBNS) and is a CI on ARC and NHMRC grants associated with targeted nanomedicines. Chris will be working primarily on CIBIT projects with industry partner Minomic.

Muneer Ahamed

The University of Queensland

Dr Muneer Ahamed joined CIBIT in October. Muneer has postdoctoral experience in developing small molecule PET tracers for CNS imaging, bioconjugation methods, and medicinal chemistry at Belgium and Adelaide. His interests include PET imaging of neuroinflammation, epigenetics, ion channels and bioconjugation strategies for development of new multi-modal theranostics agents for oncology. He will be working on projects related to PET imaging with CIBIT industry partners.



CIBIT Higher Degree by Research Students

Vanessa Soh

The University of Queensland

Vanessa Soh was awarded a UQ Graduate School Scholarship to fund her PhD with CIBIT. Vanessa completed her Masters degree in Chemistry at National University of Singapore in 2015. Vanessa will be investigating both the in vitro and in vivo binding and effect of CXCR4 targeting ligands on tumour therapy.

Ashley Stewart

The University of Queensland

Ashley Stewart was awarded a UQ Graduate School Scholarship to fund his PhD with CIBIT. Ashley completed his Honours degree in computer science in 2016 at QUT. Ashley's research aims to address the industry challenge of increasing the sensitivity, specificity and cost-effectiveness of MR imaging, both as a tool used to develop 'smart' agents, and as a diagnostic method.