PhD and MPhil scholarships at The Centre for Advanced Imaging

PhD Scholarship: Discovery and Development of New Diagnostic PET Tracers for Brain Cancer

We have an exciting opportunity for a motivated student to join CIBIT to work on the development and application of novel molecular imaging methodologies. We have exciting opportunities to work with world leading academic researchers and industrial partners focused on the development and translation of new molecular imaging methodologies to the clinic. In particular, the candidate will be involved in development of quantitative methods to improve the sensitivity and specificity of PET and MRI-PET imaging.

Top Up Scholarship

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) metabolic pathways using dissolution dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) molecular contrast agents

This project is a collaboration between the ARC Training Centre for Innovation in Biomedical Imaging Technology(CIBIT) at The University of Queensland and the Technical University Denmark (DTU) and will involve the inventor of dissolution DNP, Professor Ardenkjaer-Larsen from DTU and Professor Reutens, Associate Professor Blakey and Associate Professor Chuang from UQ. Successful students will have the opportunity to undertake internships with our industry partners.

A CIBIT Top Up Scholarship is available for a PhD candidate.  Applicants must be in receipt of or apply for and be awarded a living allowance scholarship of at least the Research Training Program rate ($28,092 for 2020, indexed annually) to be eligible to receive this top-up. For more details and to apply, see the UQ Scholarships page.

Please contact administrator@cibit.org.au for more information.